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Here are some projects that highlight the full scope of the services we offer. 
2300 South 18th Street
South Philadelphia

This 350ft long 15 ft high church cemetery wall was slowly crumbling. We very carefully and respectfully took it down and hauled all of the brick off-site. The church was very grateful that we protected the grave sites during demolition.

Snyderman's Gas Station
Northern Liberties

This gas station was passed down for three generations. It was decided that it would be demolished to make way for neighborhood housing. The whole family was on site to watch the demo progression. Bittersweet!

Pine Street Project
Center City Philadelphia

5-Story 5,254 Sq. Ft full interior demolition that included removal of all floor, ceiling, and wall layers to leave a clean slate for the tradesmen coming in right behind us. 

29th Street Project
North Philadelphia

3-Story exterior facade removal demolition that included bracing the structure from the inside and carefully demolishing the building brick by brick. 

Ridge Avenue Project
Manayunk, PA

3-Story 5,395 Sq. Ft complete interior demolition plus structural demolition that included demolishing both rear extensions. 

4200-4202 Lancaster Avenue
West Philadelphia

3-Story 9,500 Sq. Ft full demolition was mandated to be torn down by hand. Brick by brick we brought down the building safely and efficiently, making way for a new mixed-use property.  

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